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Recent Units in for Repair

Recent 30 of 15146 Units
Crow River Ind. 04203CS=7D18 Control Board
John Deere RE64583 7SUD5JD04 SCV Setup Panel
John Deere AL77111E Cluster Gauge Assembly
GE 200D4854G013 Refrigerant Circuit Board
Advanced Drive Technology TM5-015i-1N AD-22395-C-A-2.00 IFT Drive
VDP 5603-000 Circuit Board
AGIE 620.261.8 Circuit Board
AGIE PMO-22A 679304.6 Circuit Board
Siemens 462008.7704.02 Control Board
LaTourneau Inc. 416-6495-05 Enable Card
LaTourneau Inc. 415-7783-04 Enable Card
LaTourneau Inc. 415-7783-03 Enable Card
JLG 1230ES Scissor Lift
Chadwick Helmuth 135M-11 Light Tracker
Teijin Seiki ARS30-10 Servo Drive
Sinano DOSC010B Servo Drive
Nachi FZS-6357-1-11A Circuit Board
Talyor D Weatherscope
Kip 3000 Circuit Board
Emerson Rittenhouse M7051 Radio
Advanced Industries 116220 Circuit Board
Sinano Electric Co. 5CB12-1DG6F AC Servo Motor
Sauer Danfoss MC300 AT322362 Controller
Sauer Danfoss MC300 AT340391 Controller
Mitutoyo AL-325L Linear Scale Counter
Sony LF-200 Magnescale
Sony LF-200 Magnescale
Sevcon MOS90C 631/40261 Controller
Heidenhain LC183/10nm Scale
Lowrance HDS 7 Insight Fishfinder GPS

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Industrial or Commercial Manufactures Repair List


We give free estimates and offer a year warranty.
Give us a Call at 1-336-969-0110
Why to send us your work?
  • ~40 years of experience repairing Industrial & Commercial units
  • Certified Senior Industrial Electronics Technician
  • Ability to do Reverse Engineering
  • No job to big or small
  • Fast turn around time on most units
  • Quality of work comes before profit!
  • Old Fashion "Customer is always right policy"
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free Estimates
  • Low Prices

To send in your Atlas unit for repair use the shipping address below.
If possible be sure to use the following Repair Service Order Form when sending in a unit for repair.
We offer special discounts to the military. We give free estimates and offer a year warranty.

Shipping Address 266 Northstar Dr. Suite 136
Rural Hall, NC 27045

    If you have any technical questions or wish to offer technical information about any Atlas units then fill out the form below.

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    Make Model Part Description
    Atlas Copco DMC50720P  motion controller 
    Atlas Copco DMC50720P  drive 
    Atlas Copco DMC50720P  drive 
    Atlas Copco DMC 50720P  drive 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon Mark IV 1900 0710 31  
    Atlas Copco Atlas Copco  Tensor control unit 
    Atlas Copco  tensor drive 
    Atlas Copco 1900 0700 04  drive 
    Atlas Copco 1089.9212.02 1089.9212.02 programmer controller 
    Atlas Copco CTD-CM-RC  drive 
    Atlas Copco  1900 0701 02 Elektronikon 
    Atlas Copco  1900-0590-02 compressor control module 
    Atlas Copco  1900.0590.74 compressor control unit 
    Atlas Copco HRRE1 1900 0701 05 Electronikon 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon  air compressor controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900.0590.74  controller 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon  display unit 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon  control screen 
    Atlas Copco EP115131-66T3B  motor 
    Atlas Copco RTC60  telescopic material handler 
    Atlas Copcp Elektronikon  control unit 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon  control unit 
    Atlas Copco DMC50412  drive 
    Atlas Copco DMC50720P  drive 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon  control unit 
    Atlas Copco 1900.0590.71  Elektronikon 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon  Elektronikon 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon  control unit 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon  control unit 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon  controll unit 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon  control unit 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon  control unit 
    Atlas Copco GA55/125 1900.0590.74 controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900.0590.71  Elektronikon 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon II 1900 0710 02 controller 
    Atlas Copco Electronikon 1900059812 controller 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon 1900070124 controller 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon 1900070124 control unit 
    Atlas Copco DMC51540P  Digital Motion Controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900 0700 04  controller 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon 190007104 controller 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon 1900 0700 05 Pneumatic Controller 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon 1900 0710 02 Controller 
    Atlas Copco Monsun-Tison AB  Joystick 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon II 1900 0710 12 controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900071012  controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900059812  controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900 0700 07  Elektronikon 
    Atlas Copco 1900070008  Compressor Controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900070008  Controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900070003  Controller 
    Atlas Copco Electronikon 1900-0701-04 Display Unit 
    Atlas-Copco Elecktronikon 1900.0590.74 Control Unit 
    Atlas-Copco 1900-0700-08  Control Display 
    Atlas Copco 1900-0700-03  Controller 
    Atlas-Copco 1900-0710-31  Electonikon Controller 
    Atlas Copco  1900-0701-25 Controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900070003  Controller 
    Atlas-Copco Electronikon 1900-0700-08 Controller 
    Atlas-Copco Elecktronikon 1900-0700-08 Controller 
    Atlas-Copco Elecktronikon 1900-0700-08 Controller 
    Atlas-Copco Elecktronikon 1900-0700-08 Controller 
    Atlas-Copco 1900-0700-99  Controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900-0700-03  Controller 
    Atlas Copco Elecktronikon 1900-0590-12 controller 
    Atlas Copco Elecktronikon  Controller 
    Atlas Copco  1900-0700-08 Controller 
    Atlas Copco  1900-0700-99 Controller 
    Atlas-Copco Elecktronikon  Controller 
    Atlas-Copco Elecktronikon 1900.0590.74 Controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900-059802  Controller 
    Atlas Copco 1089921201  Programmer 
    Atlas Copco 1900-0700-05  Controller 
    Atlas-Copco 1900-0700-99  Controller 
    Atlas-Copco 1900070003  Controller 
    Atlas-Copco 1900-0701-02  Controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900-0598-12  Controller 
    Atlas Copco 9032011230  Servo Drive 
    Atlas Copco 1900071012  Controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900 0700 04  Controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900070003  Controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900 0710 32  Elektronikon control module 
    Atlas Copco 1900 0700 05  Controller 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon 1900070008 Control panel for Atlas Copco screw compressor 
    Atlas Copco 50720P 9032 0112 30 Digital Motion controller 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon 1900 0701 05 Controller 
    Atlas Copco IPS 302 91224549-28 controller 
    Atlas Copco GA45 1900.0590.74 controller 
    Atlas Copco GA45 1900.0590.74 controller 
    Atlas Copco 1900070123  Control Module 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon II 1900071011 Control / Display Module 
    Atlas Copco 1900070004  Display / Control Module 
    Atlas Copco 1900 0700 05  Control Module 
    Atlas Copco 1900070124  Control Module 
    Atlas Copco 1900070124  Control / Display Module 
    Atlas Copco Elektronikon II 1900071012 Compressor Controler 
    Atlas Copco Monsun-Tison AB  Valve 

    Industrial or Commercial Manufactures Repair List

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    Disclaimer: This website is not sanctioned or approved by any manufacturer listed.
    "Industrial Electronic Repair" is not an authorized distributor or representative
    for the listed manufacturers or tradenames.

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