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Industrial or Commercial Manufactures Repair List

If you need your unit tested or repaired
then give us a call at 1-336-969-0110.
We give free estimates and offer a year warranty.

Why to send us your work?
  • 19 years of experience repairing Industrial & Commercial units
  • Certified Senior Industrial Electronics Technician
  • Ability to do Reverse Engineering
  • No job to big or small
  • Fast turn around time on most units
  • Quality of work comes before profit!
  • Old Fashion "Customer is always right policy"
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free Estimates
  • Low Prices

To send in your unit for repair
use the shipping address below.

Industrial Electronic Repair
8065 North Point Blvd., Suite L
Winston Salem, NC 27106

Quality is always prime in our mind right from the selection of the best quality parts to testing the units repaired by us. We're always interested in maintaining healthy relationships with our customers or distributors. We believe in a strong warranty policy and in a effective quality assurance system. We're always willing to do business in most professional and courteous manner. Our goal is to meet all your expectations.

Fill out the Form Below
for a Free Estimate on the Repair of your unit.
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A Small List of Manufactures that we Repair!

A & B Systems, A & D Company, A & G-Alba, A & K Technologies, A O I P Automatismes, A.B. Elettronica, A.B.C. Scale, A.C. Hamilton & Co., A.C.S., A.C.T., A.C.T. Kern, A.D.A., A.E.C.L., A.E.S., A.G.V., A.I.C., A.I.I., A.I.S., A.K.K., A.M. Lock & Co., A.M.I., A.M.S., A.M.T., A.N. Systems, A.O. Smith, A.P.M., A.R.A., A.R.D., A.R.L., A.R.S., A.S.A.L., A.S.C., A.S.R. Servotron, A.S.T., A.T. Ferrell & Co., A.T.S., A.V.C. Specialists, A.Z. Technologies, Aaa Plastics, Aaa Power System, Aames Security, Aan, Ab Carter, Ab En-Tronic, Ab Metric Elektronik, Abb, Abb Kent-Taylor, Abb Robotics, Abb Traction, Abbey Electronics, Abbott, Abex, Abler, Abm, Absolute Process, Absopulse, Abus, Ac Technology, Acc, Acco, Accord Controls, Accos, Accraply, Accu-Coder, Accu-Feed, Accu-Pak, Accu-Rite, Accu-Sort, Accu-Time, Accurate Metering, Accuray, Accurpress, Accutronics, Accuview, Accuweb, Acdc Electronics, Ace, Ace Controls, Acec, Aceco, Acem, Acf, Aci, Acma, Acme Electric, Acme/Standard Power, Acomel, Acopian, Acrison, Acromag, Acromark, Acrosser Technology, Acrotron, Acs, Act Systems, Act-Kern, Actek, Actimex, Action Instruments, Action Machinery Co., Action Packaging, Acu-Rite, Acuity Imaging, Acula, Acumeter, Acurex, Adani, Adaptive Micro Sys., Adaptive Network, Adb-Alnaco, Addison Tube, Addmaster, Ade Corporation, Adelsystem, Adept, Adgo, Adi Microscan, Adolf Mohr, Adt, Adtech, Adtran, Advance, Advance Controls, Advance Industries, Advance Machine, Advance Products, Advance Sewing, Advanced, Advanced Automation, Advanced Dynamics, Advanced Energy, Advanced Instruments, Advanced Micro Sys, Advanced Motion, Advanced Poly-Pack., Advanced Process, Advantage Controls, Advantage Electronic, Advantech, Ae, Aec, Aeg, Aei, Ael, Aem, Aemc Corporation, Aeonic Systems, Aerco, Aeropulse Inc., Aerospace Precision, Aerotech, Aetek International, Aetrium, Aew, Afe Technologies, Affinity Chiller, Afs, Ag Russel Co., Agastat, Agathon, Agde Electronic, Age Inc., Aget, Agfa-Gevaert, Agi, Agie, Agilent, Agnati, Agr, Agut, Ahlbrandt Elektronik, Aichi Keisoh Co., Aida, Ainsworth, Aiphone, Air Gage Co., Air Monitor Corp., Air-Cure, Airco, Airco Solar Products, Aircraft Appliances, Airpax, Airprint Systems, Airstream, Airtek, Airtronics, Ajax Magnethermic, Ajr Diffusion, Ajs Controls, Ak, Akab, Akashi, Akron Standard, Aktron, Alan Fry Controls, Alarm-Saf, Albany International, Albertronics, Albi, Alc, Alcatel, Alcoa, Alemite, Alerton, Alex-Tronix, Alexeff-Snyder, Alfa, Alfa-Laval, Alimak Ab, Alimentazione, Alison, All-Control Systems, All-Fill, Allegany Technology, Allen Bennett, Allen Bradley, Allen Machinery, Allen Translift, Allen West, Allestec, Allflex, Allied Industries, Allied Signal, Allis-Chalmers, Allister, Allma, Alltec, Alltech, Alltronic, Allvac, Almi-Gas, Alnor, Alo-Teknik, Alpha Merics, Alpha Press Co., Alpha-M Corporation, Alsthom, Alstom, Altec, Altec Lansing, Altech, Altek, Alton Corporation, Altron, Altronic, Am Graphics, Am.Go, Amacker & Schmid, Amada, Amana, Amat, Amb Electronics, Ambac, Ambi-Tech, Amci, Amcor, Ameise, Amerace, Amerden, American Aerospace, American Air Filter, American Baler Co., American Bosch, American Brass, American Farmworks, American Hofmann, American Induction, American Laundry, American Lincoln, American Msi, American Ndt, American Power, American Sheet, American Shoe, American Sigma, American Standard, Ameritec Corporation, Amertron, Ametek, Amf, Amf Paragon, Amgraph, Amh, Ami Elektronik, Amicon, Amida, Amii, Amk, Amloc, Ampak, Ampex, Amplas, Amplicon, Ampro, Amprobe, Amr, Amrel, Ams, Amsco, Amt, Amtec, Amtek, Amtelco, Anacon, Anadex, Anafaze, Anaheim Automation, Analog Devices, Analogic, Anarad, Anca, Andco, Andersen Samplers, Anderson, Andover Controls, Andrews, Andron, Anectron, Angelus, Angstrom West, Angular Dynamics, Anilam, Anly Electronics, Ann Arbor, Anocut Engineering, Anorad, Anritsu, Ansaldo, Anschutz, Ansul, Antek, Antriebstechnik, Antunes Controls, Anyspeed, Ap Labs, Apa, Apax, Apex, Api, Api-Gettys, Appa Technology, Appalachian, Apparatebau, Apple, Application Eng Corp, Applied Automation, Applied Biosystems, Applied Color, Applied Control, Applied Data Systems, Applied Digital Data, Applied Engineering, Applied Information, Applied Internationa, Applied Material, Applied Materials, Applied Micro Tech, Applied Microsystems, Applied Motion, Applied Precision, Applied Robotics, Applied Theory, Appollo, April, Aptec, Apv, Aquafine, Aquatrac, Aquatrol, Arburg, Arbutus, Arc Fasteners, Arc Modena, Arcair, Arcas, Arcom, Arctic, Ardia, Arga Controls, Argus, Argus/Alpha, Argyle Graphic, Aries International, Aritech, Arjo, Arle Tech, Armtec Industries, Arnold, Aromat, Aronson, Aros Electronics, Arpac, Arpeco, Arrencross, Arret Tufting, Artec, Arteco, Artesyn, Arthur G. Russell, Artisan Controls, Artos, Artran, Arvin Diamond, Asahi, Asam, Asb, Asc, Asc Machine Tools, Aschenbrenner, Asco, Ascom, Ascon, Asea, Asem, Ashcroft, Ashe Controls, Asi, Asi Instruments, Asi Systems, Asi-Datamyte, Asi-Keystone, Asko, Asl, Aspo Electronics, Associated Research, Astec, Astechnologies, Astra Products, Astro Resources, Astro-Med, Astrocom, Astrodyne, Astron, Astrophysics, Astrosyn, Astrosystems, Asus, At&T, Atam, Atas, Atc, Atchley, Atcor, Atek, Athena, Ati, Atkinson, Atkinson Dynamics, Atkinson Electronics, Atlantic Research, Atlas, Atlas Copco, Atmos, Atom Elettronica, Atos, Atr, Atro, Ats, Atto, Auburn, Audiosphere, Audiotronics, Augat, Auma, Aumann, Aurora Scale, Aurora Technologies, Ausco, Austin, Autec, Autefa-Certus, Auto Ignition, Auto Packer, Auto-Tek, Autocall, Autocon, Autogard, Autogauge, Autograph, Autolabe, Autoline, Automata, Automatec, Automated Industrial, Automated Packaging, Automated Sonix, Automatic Electric, Automatic Ignition, Automatic Packer, Automatic Parking, Automation & Process, Automation Associate, Automation Devices, Automation Direct, Automation Eng., Automation Inc., Automation Ind., Automation Intell., Automation Products, Automation Services, Automation Tech, Automation Unlimited, Automatix, Automatron, Automax, Automec, Autometrics, Autonetics, Autonumerics Inc., Autopan, Autostart, Autosystems, Autotech, Autotron, Autronica, Av Electronica, Ava-Pack, Avatar, Avery Dennison, Avery Label, Avery Soabar, Avtek, Avtron, Aw Company, Axiom, Axor, Axyz Automation, Aydin Controls, Az Electronica, Azco Industries, Azo, Azo-Maschinenfabrik, Azonix,
B & B Motor, B & H, B & K, B & R, B-Comm, B-E Electronics, B. Bunch, B.A.E., B.C.S., B.E.M., B.I.S., B.R. Power Systems, B.R.T., B.T., B/W Controls, Baasel Lasertechnik, Babbitt, Babcock, Bacharach, Bacher, Bachi, Bachmann Electronic, Badger, Baelz, Bafco Inc., Bailey, Bailey-Tbi, Baird-Atomic, Baker, Baker Brothers, Baker Instrument, Baker-Perkins, Balance Dynamics, Balance Engineering, Balance Systems, Balance Technology, Balboa Instruments, Baldor, Baldwin, Baldwin-Gegenheimer, Bale-O-Matic, Ball Brothers, Ball Electronic, Balluff, Bally, Balmac, Balogh, Balsbaugh, Balston, Baltec, Balzers, Bamberger, Bancroft, Banner, Bantam, Barber Colman, Barber Greene, Barbour Stockwell, Barco Automation, Barco Control Sys., Barco Graphics, Barco Industries, Barco Sedo, Bardac, Bardeau, Bardle, Barkley & Dexter, Barksdale Controls, Barmag, Barnant, Barnat, Barnstead, Barnstead Thermolyne, Baron-Blakeslee, Barrett, Barry-Wehmiller, Barudan, Basler Electric, Battenfeld, Bauart, Bauer, Baukmecht, Baumer, Baumuller, Bausch & Lomb, Bautz, Baxter, Bay Head Machinery, Bay Tech Associates, Baylor, Baytech, Bbc-Brown Boveri, Bbc-Metrawatt, Bbc-Moditron, Bbc-Veritron, Bce Technologies, Bci, Bdc Inc., Bdt, Beacon, Bear, Beavens Systems, Bebro Elektronik, Beck, Becker, Beckhoff, Beckman, Beckman-Coulter, Beckwith Electric, Beede, Beel Controls, Bega, Beha, Behlman, Behrens, Bei Electronics, Beijer Electronics, Bekaert, Bekum, Belco, Belfort, Belimo, Bell & Howell, Bello & Gabino, Bellofram, Bellsonics, Beloit, Bemis Packaging, Ben-Dec, Bendata, Bender, Bendix, Benninger, Benshaw, Bentek, Bentley, Bently Nevada, Benton Corp., Bentron, Beowulf, Bepe Elektronik, Berg Electronics, Berger Lahr, Berges Electronic, Berghof Elektronik, Berkefeld, Berkeley Process, Bermi, Bernard Controls, Berson, Bertan, Berthel, Berthold, Bertronik, Bertsch, Best, Best Diversified, Best Machinery, Best Power, Bestell, Beta Instrument, Beta Lasermike, Beta Products, Beta Raven, Beta Star, Beta Tech, Betron, Bettcher, Better Packages, Bhs-Basler, Bianco, Bicron, Biddle, Bielomatik, Biesse, Bif, Bikor, Bill Byrum, Binder, Binder Magnetic, Bindicator, Binks, Binmaster, Bio-Design Inc., Bioteco, Bircher, Bird Machine, Bishop Graphics, Bison, Bitrode Corporation, Bizerba, Bkt, Bkw, Blac Inc., Black & Webster, Black Box, Black Clawson, Blanc Meca, Blen-Cal Electronics, Blh Electronics, Blimag, Blinzinger, Block, Blodgett, Blohm, Blonder-Tongue, Blow Moulding, Blue M, Blue Point, Blue Wave, Blum, Bmb Elettronica, Bmi, Bmp Elektronix, Bnb Controls, Bo Sung, Bo-Sherrel Co., Bob Logan, Bobitronic, Bobst, Bobst Champlain, Bodine, Bodine Electric, Boe-Therm, Boehm, Boekels, Boewe, Bofors Elektronik, Bogen, Boilermatic, Boise Cascade, Bolter & Bracker, Bombas Electricas, Bonar, Bonas, Bonatz, Bond Electric, Bone Frontier, Bonitron, Booth Electrosystems, Borg Warner, Boris Von Wolff, Bosch, Boschert, Boston Digital, Boston Gear, Bottero, Bourg, Bowe, Bowe Permac, Bowe Systec, Boxlight Corporation, Boy, Bp, Bpe-Novellara, Brackett, Bradbury Company, Brady, Bramco, Bran + Luebbe, Branden Technologies, Brandner, Brandt, Branscheid, Branson, Braun, Bregenhorn-Butow, Bremson, Brevetti, Bridgeport, Briskheat, Bristol, Bristol Babcock, Bristol Saybrook, British Federal, Brockway, Broderick, Brookfield, Brooks Instrument, Brother, Brown, Brown & Sharpe, Brown Machine, Browning, Bruce, Brucke, Bruderer, Bruel & Kjaer, Brundner, Brunelle Instruments, Bruner, Brunner, Brush Electrical, Bry-Air, Bryant, Brynlaw Products, Bsi, Bsk, Bst, Bta, Btg, Btu Engineering, Buckner, Bud-Pak, Buehler, Buhler, Buhler-Miag, Bulgin-Source, Bull & Roberts, Bum Young Electronic, Burford, Burgmaster, Burke Porter, Burkle, Burle, Burling Instruments, Burndy, Burnett & Rolfe, Burr-Brown, Burroughs, Burton, Busan, Busch, Busmc, Buss Automation, Butler, Buttner, Buzmatics, Bvr Electronic, Bw Technologies, Bycan Corporation, Bystronic,
C & A Products, C & D Batteries, C & D Power Systems, C & M, C Sys Labs, C-Cor, C-E Canada, C-E Invalco, C-E Power Systems, C-E Tyler, C-R-O Engineering, C. Chauvin Arnoux, C.A. Controls, C.Ap.El., C.B. Ferrari, C.C.I., C.C.M. Of Minnesota, C.C.T., C.D.I., C.E.A.I., C.E.B., C.E.G., C.E.M., C.F.E.I., C.G.R., C.H. Symington, C.H.T.F., C.I.M., C.N.I., C.O.E.L., C.P.Ap, C.P.S., C0Mpumotor, Cab, Cableform, Cabletest, Cabur, Cac, Cactus, Cal Controls, Calco Mfg, Calex, California Dc, California Elect., Calterm Electronics, Cam, Camco, Camel Robot, Cameo, Campbell Grinder, Campbell Machines, Campini, Can-Tron, Canadian Instrument, Canastra Ag, Candy Controls, Cannon, Canon, Canongate Technology, Canron, Cansec Systems, Capel, Capital Controls, Capmatic, Capozzo, Capp, Cardinal, Cardinal Scale, Cardkey Systems, Cargill, Carl E. Holmes Co., Carlen Controls, Carlo Gavazzi, Carnes, Carotron, Carrago, Carrier, Carriere, Carroll Touch, Carter, Carter-Day Company, Cartessa, Cary, Cashin, Casi-Rusco, Cassco, Cassoli, Castle, Catalina, Catco, Caterpillar, Cattron, Cavenaghi & Ridolfi, Cbm Electronics, Cbr, Cbw Automation, Ccc, Cci, Ccs, Cd Systems, Cda, Cds, Cecil, Ceco, Ceda, Ceeco, Ceg Automation, Cegelec, Cei, Ceia, Cel-Tec, Celes, Celesco, Celtek, Cem, Cemb, Cen Electronics, Cenith Control, Centech, Centennial, Central Data, Central Electric, Centralp, Centroid, Centronic, Centronics, Centurion Instrument, Century, Century Lighting, Cerberus Pyrotronics, Cermetek, Ceronix, Certainteed, Cerutti, Cet, Chadwick-Helmuth, Challenge, Chamberlaine, Chambon, Channel Products, Charles Industries, Charmilles, Chase, Chaser, Chatillon, Chauffe, Chemap Ag, Chemcut Corporation, Chemetron, Chemtrix, Cheops, Cherokee, Cherry, Cherry-Burrell, Chesebrough, Cheshire, Chessell, Chicago Dryer, Chicago Laser Sys., Chick Master, Chino, Chloride Electro, Chloride Inc., Chore-Time, Chred, Christie Electric, Chromalock, Chromalox, Chronos Richardson, Chrontrol Corp., Chubb, Chular, Chung I Machine, Chuo Electronics, Churchill, Cidm, Cimco, Cimpac, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Dynacomp, Cincinnati Inc., Cincinnati Milacron, Cincinnati Test Sys, Cincinnati Time, Cintex, Circle Technology, Circuit Logic, Cirtek, Citel, Citizen, Cito Products, Civiemme, Ckd Corporation, Clamco, Clantech, Clark, Clark Door, Clark-Reliance, Clarke, Clarke & Lewis, Clarke-Chapman, Clarke-Hess, Clarostat, Clary Corporation, Clay Adams, Clayton Mfg. Co., Cle, Cleaver Brooks, Clerici Automazione, Cleveland Controls, Cleveland Electric, Cleveland Gear, Cleveland Machine, Cleveland-Kidder, Clinton Industries, Clinton Instrument, Clinton Power, Clipper Machines, Clm, Clrt Elettronica, Club Car, Clyde Iron, Cm Electronics, Cmi, Cmk, Cms, Cni, Cocker, Coe Mfg., Coelind, Coeling, Coen, Cognex, Cognitive, Coherent General, Cohu, Coil Technology, Colbern Systems, Cole-Parmer, Coleman, Collamat, Collectrol Timers, Collinear Research, Collins, Colorflow, Colortronic, Colt Industries, Coltec Quincy, Coltron, Columbia Contech, Columbia Electric, Columbia Machine, Columbia Research, Comark, Comat, Comau, Combina, Combustion Eng., Comco, Comelta, Comelz, Command Systems, Commande Moteurs, Commander, Commerial Sheari, Compair, Compaq, Compex, Compower Corporation, Comptrol, Comptronic, Compu-Trol, Compudyne, Compumotor, Compur, Compuspeak, Computechnic, Computer Automation, Computer Boards Inc., Computer Conversions, Computer Designs, Computer Dynamics, Computer Identics, Computer Power, Computer Power Group, Computer Process, Computer Products, Computer Signamation, Computer Svc, Computer Technology, Computerized Cutters, Computerwise, Computron, Comsip Delphi, Comstar, Comtec, Comtrol, Con-E-Co, Conair, Conair Franklin, Conar, Conax, Condair, Condec, Condor, Condux, Cone Blanchard Mach., Conel, Conitec, Conlog, Conn-Trols Inc., Connect Tech Inc., Connell, Conoflow, Conrac, Conrad Electronic, Consolidated Control, Consolidated Ctrls, Consolidated Elect., Consolidated Micro., Conspec, Contec, Contemporary, Contemporary Control, Continental, Continental Can, Continental Hydr., Continental Instr., Continental Machine, Continental Whitecap, Contiweb, Contraves, Contrec, Contrex, Control, Control & Automation, Control And Metering, Control Applications, Control Chief, Control Concepts, Control Corporation, Control Data, Control Design, Control Devices, Control Electronics, Control Engineering, Control Enterprises, Control Instruments, Control Junctions, Control King, Control Laser, Control Logic, Control Microsystems, Control Power Sys., Control Process, Control Service, Control Specialties, Control Systems, Control Techniques, Control Technology, Control Universal, Control Weigh, Control-O-Mation, Controlair Inc., Controlled Power, Controlotron, Controls Ce Ag, Controls Electronic, Controls Group, Contronautics, Conver, Conversion Equipment, Convert, Converter Concepts, Convertron, Conveyor Components, Cook, Cooper, Cooper Turbo, Cooperheat, Copar, Copes-Vulcan, Copley Controls, Copralarm, Corcom, Coreco Inc., Corley Mfg Co., Corning, Corotec, Corrigan, Cortech, Cosel, Costruzioni, Cots, Cottrell, Cougar, Coutant, Covag, Cox & Wright, Coyote, Cozzoli, Cps, Cra, Cra-Tek, Craftsman, Crane, Cranfield, Creative Control Sys, Creative Technology, Creonics, Cress, Crittenden, Cromemco, Crompton Instruments, Crosfield Electronic, Cross, Crouse-Hinds, Crouzet, Crowcon Instruments, Crown, Crs, Crydom, Cryovac, Csa, Csi, Csi Keyboards, Csr Contraves, Ctc, Cti Electronics Corp, Cti-Cryogenics, Ctx, Cubit, Cues Inc., Cummins Engine, Cupe, Curioni, Curtis, Curtis Industries, Curtis Instruments, Cushman, Custom Controls, Custom Electronic Ab, Custom Power, Custom Servo, Custom Technology, Custom-Bilt, Cutlass Fastener, Cutler Hammer, Cutters Electronics, Cxr, Cybelec, Cyber Research, Cyberchron, Cyberdyne, Cyberex, Cyberexact, Cybermation, Cybernetic, Cybertech, Cybex, Cybotech, Cycledynamics Inc., Cyclomatic, Cyclonaire, Cyklop, Cyplex, Cypress Computer Sys, Cypress Solutions, Cyprium,
D & K, D-Link, D.C. Systems, D.E. Systems Ltd., D.E.K., D.G.F., D.Gottlieb & Co., D.M. Griffiths Scale, D.M.T., Da-Tech, Da-Tel, Dacs Engineering, Daewood, Dahl, Dahlgren, Daido, Daifuku, Daikin, Daiwa, Dak, Dakin, Daktronics Inc., Dale Electronic, Daletech Electronics, Damon, Dana Laboratories, Danatec, Danfoss, Danfoss-Graham, Daniel Industries, Danieli Automation, Danly, Dansk Styreteknik, Daren, Darrah, Darrah Electric, Dart Controls, Dasa S.L., Dasibi, Data Aire, Data Color, Data Flow Systems, Data General, Data Industrial, Data Instruments, Data Measurement, Data Net Corporation, Data Plus, Data Precision, Data Products, Data Race, Data Ram, Data Ray Corporation, Data Sud Systems, Data Systems Design, Data Tech, Data Torque, Data Translation, Data-Linc Group, Databoard, Datacube, Datalink Tech, Datalogic, Datamax, Datametrics, Datapower, Dataproducts, Dataschalt, Datasensor, Datasystems, Datatest, Datek, Datel, Datel Intersil, Datem, Datenverlust, Datricon, Datron, Datum, Dauphin, Davco, Dave Fischbein Mfg, Davey Compressor, Davis Standard, Davy, Davy Mckee, Day, Daykin, Daymarc, Daystar Nova, Dayton, Daytronic, Dbe, Dbi, Dc Elektronik, Dc Solution, Dca, Dce, Dci, Dcm Industries, Dct Instruments, Ddc, Dds, De Vlieg Machine, De-Tec-Tronic, Dea, Dec, Decitek, Dedtru, Deeco, Deem Controls, Deemstop, Deitz, Del Electronics, Delavan, Delchi, Delco Products, Delco-Remy, Delem, Delkor Industries, Dell, Delmhorst, Delphian, Delta, Delta Computer, Delta Controls, Delta Design, Delta Electronics, Delta Elektronika, Delta Engineering, Delta Ohm, Delta Power Source, Delta Tau Data Sys., Delta Technology, Delta V, Deltec, Deltech, Deltona, Deltron, Deltronic, Demag/Barrett, Demico Inc., Dengenkiki, Dengensha, Denharco, Denison, Dennison, Densei, Denshijiki, Denver Instrument, Derrick Mfg., Desa International, Design Analysis, Design Products, Design Rite, Design Technology, Despatch, Destatic Electronic, Destron, Det-Tronics, Detector Systems, Detex, Deutronic, Deutschmann, Devar Inc., Devilbiss, Devron Engineering, Dexter-Lawson, Dezurik, Di-Acro, Di-Log, Diablo Systems, Diagraph Corporation, Dialogic, Diamond Automation, Diamond Electronics, Diamond Power, Diamond Systems, Diano Corporation, Dickey-John Corp., Dickinson, Dickson, Diconix, Didde, Diebold, Dieck Elektronik, Dienes, Diessel, Dieterich Standard, Dietz Electronic, Dietzgen, Diffuselec, Digalog, Digatron, Digico, Digilin, Digiplan, Digipower, Digitaali, Digital Concepts, Digital Control, Digital Design, Digital Devices, Digital Dynamics, Digital Instruments, Digital Interface, Digital Motor, Digital Power, Digital Systems, Digital Technics, Digital Techniques, Digital Telephone, Digitcom, Digitec, Digitize, Digitizer, Digitran, Digitrol Computers, Digitron, Digitronics, Digitronics-Sixnet, Dillon, Dimensions Unlimited, Dinema, Directed Energy, Disa, Disc Instruments, Diskey, Dispermat, Display Technologies, Displaytek, Distelco, Distillation Eng., Dit-Mco, Dittberner, Divelbiss, Diversey, Diversified Elect., Diversified Products, Diversified Tech., Dixie Union, Dixson Inc., Dma, Dme, Dnh Industries, Do-All Company, Doboy, Doerr, Dofasco, Doff, Dohrmann, Dojen, Dolan-Jenner, Dolch, Dold, Dolphin Control Sys., Doltronics, Dominion Systems, Domino Printing, Donaldson, Doorking, Dorado Systems, Doran Scales, Doric, Dorst, Dotronix, Double A, Double R Controls, Douthitt, Dover Door, Dover Elevator, Dover Engineering, Dover Flexo, Dover Soltec, Dowty, Dpmc, Drager, Dranetz, Draper, Dref, Drehzahlanzeige, Dreis & Krump, Dresden, Dressen-Barnes, Dresser, Dresser-Rand, Drews Electronic, Drews Electronics, Drexelbrook, Dri-Air Industries, Drill, Drive Control System, Drive Electronic, Drive System Company, Drive Technology, Drivecon, Drops, Dropsa, Druck, Dti, Dual-Lite, Dubuit, Ducon, Ducon-Mikropul, Duffers Scientific, Dukane, Dumore, Dun-Rite Products, Dunkermotoren, Dupont, Dupont-Howson, Duquesne Electric, Dura Coder, Durag, Durant, Durco, Durkopp, Duro Dyne, Dust Control Systems, Dutec, Dux, Dve, Dwyer, Dycon, Dymotron, Dyna Five, Dyna Mechtronics, Dynac, Dynachem, Dynacomp, Dynacorp, Dynacraft, Dynage, Dynalco, Dynamatic, Dynamic Air, Dynamic Conveyor, Dynamic Displays, Dynamic Sciences, Dynamic System, Dynamic Valves, Dynamics, Dynamics Research, Dynamote, Dynapar, Dynapath, Dynapath Systems, Dynapower, Dynapro, Dynaric, Dynasonics Inc., Dynatec, Dynatem, Dynatrol, Dynatron, Dynaweb, Dynetic Systems, Dynetics, Dynex Controls, Dynisco, Dyval,
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